To the site of 'Le Cisterne', a small apartment and bed & breakfast set right in the middle of the historical town centre of Amelia, Umbria, Central Italy.
This is a hilltop town with pre-roman origins as testified by its 'cyclopic' walls which still surround it today.
Here you will find all the comfort of an apartment or private room in the town centre at a very convenient price.

About us

We are Silvia, a daughter (Alice) and a son (Giovanni).
Our main interests in life revolve around living our life, in every aspects, in the most profound and intense way possible.

Le Cisterne

Literally 'The Tanks'. Opposite our house there is the Museum of Roman Cisterne, huge water tanks the romans built to collect water for the town. Our house has its own private tank, probably built around the same period.


Le Cisterne B&B
of Silvia Bombara
P. Matteotti 5, 05022 Amelia (TR)
tel: +39 0744 982249
cellulare: +39 346 0833723
email: silviasan@email.it

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